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The Fifth Gospel-The Land of Jesus – presented by Fr. Charles Lachowitzer

August 19 @ 8:00 pm August 21 @ 1:00 pm

Whether you have been to the Holy Land and want to reflect more deeply on your experience or have never been to the Holy Land and would love to have a virtual tour, this retreat looks at the geography and the towns during the time of Jesus. For example, for the Blessed Virgin Mary to visit her cousin Elizabeth, it would have been like walking from St. Paul to Mankato. Why did Jesus and his disciples travel through Samaria? Did you know that Jesus would have experienced snow?

Called “The Fifth Gospel”, the land offers a rich insight into the life and teachings of Jesus. As a retreat, there will be opportunities for Mass, prayer and reflection on those scriptural passages where the scenery is part of the message.

$50.00 Non-refundable deposit