Photo Tour

Slide A path to the lake with trees Slide Slide A photo of our fountain Slide Slide Sunset over Buffalo Lake Slide The back of a statue facing the sunrise at the lake Slide A picnic table on a patio with a sunset Slide People praying in front of an altar Slide A statue in the snow in front of a church at the lake Slide Two beautiful old chairs on a landing Slide An altar at a window facing scenic Buffalo Lake Slide A spacious reception area with maroon carpet Slide Comfortable brick red couches and chair in the reception area Slide A photo of comfortable beds in one of our hotel rooms Slide The garden court full of plants overlooking Lake Buffalo Slide Multiple tables with an amazing view of Buffalo Lake Slide Chairs spaced six feet apart facing an altar Slide An a-frame chapel with a high ceiling Slide Chairs in the Blue Room spaced safely apart Slide An elegant table in a sophisticated room