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BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS – Christian Singles Weekend Retreat

Presented by: King’s House Preaching Team

Retreat Dates: May 9 – 11, 2014

“Peace be with you” was the greeting that Jesus repeated time and again after His resurrection.  Peace is a fruit of His resurrection and reflects the dream of Jesus for all of us.  At every Eucharist we are sent forth to live the peacemaking mission of Jesus.

The peace that Jesus wants to give us is not simply the absence of conflict, but an inner calm that helps us move through the heartaches of life.  You and I may not be able to end world conflicts, but we can do something to bring justice, acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation into our lives, our relationships and our society.  In the US Bishops’ Pastoral Letter (1983) we read, “Peacemaking is not an optional commitment.  It is a requirement of our faith.”  The peace which Jesus speaks of is not something we achieve on our own: It is a gift from God.  Am I willing to take a risk for peace in the present circumstances of my life?

Join us at King’s House as we rediscover the dream of Jesus that all of us become instruments of His peace in our world.  “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (Mt. 5:9)

Registration: Friday, at 7:00pm

Concludes: Sunday, at 12:45pm

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $30.00 is required and must be received in order to reserve a room.

Suggested Offering: $150.00 per person (includes deposit).Click here for a printable registration form