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Maintenance – Sept 18 for 2 weeks

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With time, buildings (and people too, I guess) need some major maintenance.  We have had an issue rear its ugly head this past spring and summer, that requires us to do some major work in front of Lethert House and near the chapel.

Even though this year has not had many large rainfalls, the ones we have had, the waters have found their way into a hallway in the basement by the Garden Court and into our maintenance shop.  This is a serious matter, especially since it is entering near an electrical box.

With that said, we are going to be starting a water abatement and underground electric project beginning September 18th.  This project will take approximately 2 weeks to complete.  It has necessitated a cancelation of one of our women’s midweek retreats (September 19-21, 2023). Please register for the Women’s Midweek, September 26-28, 2023, if that fits your schedule.

At times, it will require the closure of the front circle entrance.  Where you will enter the building for gatherings, retreats and evening activities will be dependent upon where your activity will be held.  To the best of our ability, we hope to provide adequate signage to help you find your way during this construction project.  Also, there will be some noise that we usually don’t have here in this place of “Dabinawa”.  We hope this won’t seriously hamper your enjoyment of the activity you are participating in at the center.

We thank you for your understanding during the construction and should you find it in your heart, and in your bank account, to make any small donation to help defray the cost of this project, we will be eternally grateful.  This beautiful place has been a place of peace and inspiration for many people for many years, with the maintenance of this facility we hope it will be such a place for many more generations.